Alessandro Monterosso

Co-Founder & CEO

With strong “T” skills, Alessandro Monterosso is the ideator of PatchAi®, a medical device for conversational and empathetic Patient data collection that entered the market at the end of 2019. Alessandro started his career as a Clinical Research Nurse at the University of Padua and specialized in clinical research at University of Trieste. Later, he graduated in Masters of International Healthcare, Economics and Policy at SDA Bocconi School of Management.
With PatchAi®- the first virtual assistant for patients enrolled in clinical research and Real World Studies –  his focus is to improve people’s quality of life and support the pharma industry in offering better, affordable and personalized medical products.
Alessandro considers innovation in the Pharma&MDs Industries to be the intersection of science, technology, business process and – in a broader sense – a state-of-mind, a way of thinking, an attitude and a commitment. Recently he has been mentioned to be among the Italian Forbes’ under 30 leaders of the future in healthcare (2020 edition).

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