Alin Iftemi

Head & Co-founder 

With over a decade under its belt, blockchain technology has been the topic of constant scientific research, the technological core of numerous proof of concepts as well as the inspiration for a myriad of new business and tech ventures.

Join Alin Iftemi, Head and Co-founder of Modex, at the Blockchain Time presentation, where he will pass through the evolutionary stages of blockchain to highlight how the interest in the technology has evolved over the years. Now that blockchain is past its pen and paper stage, its applicability in real-life use cases as well as in production-ready software is becoming a reality.

Besides the obvious benefits of blockchain that have garnered the attention of savvy entrepreneurs since its early days: distribution and decentralization, data integrity and immutability, transparency and traceability, the technology still has a series of questions it needs to answer before it witnesses widespread adoption.

During the Blockchain Time presentation, Alin will discuss how the tech community is working towards facilitating easy access to the benefits of this technology, while also illustrating the Modex Blockchain Database solution and its approach towards enabling widespread adoption in the enterprise sector.

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