Axel Bard Bringéus

Deal Partner

EQT Ventures’ in-house international expansion expert, Axel’s early career involved a stint at, where he set up and ran advertising sales, before joining Spotify as Director of International Growth in 2011. In this role, Axel built and managed the international expansion team, taking on the responsibility for strategy and execution of Spotify’s expansion into new markets across the world.

Going from six to 60 markets over the course of six years, Axel oversaw Spotify’s transition into the global powerhouse that it is today. Axel then led the reorganization of the business, moving towards a decentralized model with larger autonomy and accountability in the hands of the regional teams and the Managing Directors, which reported directly to Axel.

Axel advises EQT Ventures’ portfolio companies on how to become global players, helping them build their strategy and operations for navigating and launching in new territories. Based in Berlin, Axel works closely with our German portfolio companies, including AnyDesk, Home and Wandelbots.
An exponent of humanist values, Axel is curious about technology’s impact on our future as a society.

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