Mikael Fredholm

Co-Founder & CEO

Mikael Fredholm is a wellness entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of 121tribe, a platform for wellness experts within sustainable and healthy living. Mikael is a strong advocate for healthy and sustainable living and has a goal to create a global ripple effect by mobilizing inspirational thought leaders under one mission: to help people live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle and as such have a positive impact on our planet, as health and sustainability are inextricably linked.   

He previously started the first commercial fitness club in Romania on behalf of the Swedish fitness chain World Class, acted as CEO of World Class International operating 110 clubs in 11 countries, and did a Management Buyout of the World Class operation in Romania.

Mikael was awarded Men of the Year by Men’s Health for his work in fulfilling his vision to “Radically Improve the Lifestyle of People in Romania.

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