Dexter Ligot-Gordon

CEO and Co-Founder of SWARM

There are two things you need to know about Dexter: he designs his own shirts, and he cares about making products that solve important problems for people.

Dexter is the CEO and Co-Founder of Swarm, a community connecting founders with freelance tech builders who want to solve problems and build impactful projects together.

His career spans technology, public service, and policy–  all of which converge into his domain focus on the Future of Work and Education.

Dexter co-founded and led product, design, and engineering for Kalibrr, the first company from the Philippines to get into Y Combinator. Being a pioneer was both a source of pride and a challenge—to build an ecosystem of talent, funding, and technology around the budding company.

Dexter loves to mentor up-and-coming young entrepreneurs and learn from tech and product leaders across the globe.

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