Laszlo Bekessy

Co-Founder & CEO at CodeBerry School

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur & startupper since 2013. Currently, I’m leading CodeBerry School as CEO and co-founder.

With the founding, we incubated 28 ideas prior to CodeBerry, from which we failed with 25, but got major success with 3. 

One of them is YearCompass ( downloaded by millions each year in 52 languages), Invisible University International ( 3 countries, 100 volunteers) and of course CodeBerry School ( €1.5M raised, €300k ARR). I like to get my hands dirty, I’m also the tech lead currently.

Besides business activity, I do business coaching and I’m a board member in IVSZ Hungary, which is the largest and most powerful leading interest group of the ICT industry in Hungary.

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