Omar Farook

Co-Founder & CEO of Glorify

Omar Farook is the CEO and Co-founder of Glorify. Having graduated from London in Motion Design he first ventured into the field of commercial advertising and design. He accidentally stumbled upon entrepreneurship with the discovery of the Amazon FBA model and found his first success there selling whitelabel products under his own brand.

Omar’s unique flair for design and aesthetics drew countless entrepreneurs clamoring after his services, and what began as a side hustle eventually led to the establishment of his own design agency.
Omar soon realized that most new entrepreneurs could not afford the services of a high-end designer or find the right design tools that suited their needs. Glorify started off with the desire to empower entrepreneurs and provide a design tool for them to DIY their way through the process and eventually grow into a team.

Since Glorify’s launch in 2019, 120K+ users have signed up to make their online business look more glorious! Omar is a creative professional and a product builder enthusiast with a great passion for the tech space.

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