Ryan Donovan

CTO at Hootsuite

Ryan Donovan is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Hootsuite who leads the product management, user experience, software development, production operations, program management, customer support, user education, and security teams. He sets the course for defining the underlying product and technology strategies that constitute Hootsuite’s 

dynamic product portfolio and ensures that customers have a quality experience end-to-end when using Hootsuite’s products. 

Ryan is a seasoned product management and engineering executive with a track record of consistently incubating and/or growing successful software businesses with a focus in the B2B, enterprise, and marketing technology spaces. He has established a pedigree of delivering products that successfully service non-technical business personae as well as building extensible, flexible application platforms for developers and IT professionals. 

With over 20 years of experience, Ryan has held several regional and global leadership roles in Canada and the US. Prior to his role at Hootsuite, Ryan was CTO of Sitecore in a global role. Ryan also headed up commerceserver.net as President and CTO, Ascentium Corporation (now SMITH) as Co-President and CTO, headed up all engineering, product operations at Cactus Commerce in Ottawa, and spent over 8 years at Microsoft.

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